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About Oak Tree Preschool

Parent Handbook

Oak Tree Preschool, Inc. 

The Place for Learning, Growing, & Fun 

Parent/Guardian Handbook 

200 Woodport Road Sparta, NJ 07871 



27 West Shore Trail Sparta, NJ 07871 



Welcome to Oak Tree Preschool! We hope that you find this handbook to be a great resource and will keep it handy for reference throughout the year. After your review, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need further clarification. We look forward to having your child with us! 

Goals & Objectives 

Oak Tree Preschool will help your child to: 

  1. Build a positive self-image! 
  2. Increase his/her confidence and independence
  3. Learn to share with others
  4. Develop a wide variety of basic skills! 
  5. Develop fine and gross motor coordination! 
  6. Develop warm and trusting relationships with children and adults! 
  7. Discover that learning is fun and exciting! 


We believe that each child is unique and special individual. Our various programs are well-balanced to meet each child's individual needs. We have a great responsibility to the children who attend Oak Tree, and our staff members provide your child with a safe, secure, stimulating, and educational environment-one designed to create a lifelong love of learning in your child! 


  1. Applications for enrollment are available at the school. These forms are to be completed and returned with the registration fee before your child's first day of school with us. These forms are as follows: 

> Child Registration - to be fully completed by you 

Health Record - to be completed and signed by your child's doctor 

  1. A Special Care Plan will be provided to families whose children have a chronic or life threatening condition, such as allergies or asthma. 

Oak Tree Handbook - for use by the parent/guardian. 

  1. Provisions needed from home are as follows: 

> A complete change of clothing (including socks and underwear) in a labeled Zip- Loc bag. Please check this change of clothes periodically as change of season or change in your child's size means a change in the clothing kept at school. Toddlers will need diapers, creams, wipes, etc. 

> If your child will be lunching with us, you will need to supply a lunch (to include food and drink). 

> If your child will be napping/resting with us, you will need to supply a small pillow, sheet, and blanket-crib sheets and blankets are perfect. These items should be brought in a dishpan or bin(15 quart size works well) with a lid labeled with your child's name. All bedding is sent home once a week for you to wash. Please return the bedding back to school the following Monday. If your child does not have bedding, we will lend him/her some-we ask that you take this loaned bedding home, wash it, and return it the next day, 

All belongings including coats, shoes, and show & tell items should be labeled with your child's name. 

  1. Oak Tree reserves the right to request the withdrawal of any child for reasons it deems consistent with the best interest of the child him/herself, the other children, and/or the school itself. 


Hour of operation- oak tree as the following scheduled hours

Woodport Road

School Opens

7:00 A.M.

Pre-School Begins

9:00 A.M.


11:30 A.M.

Pre-School Ends

12:00 P.M.

Rest/Nap Time

12:00 P.M.

Afternoon Snack

2:30 P.M.

School Ends

6:00 P.M.

West Shore Trail

School Opens

7:00 A.M.

Pre-School Begins

9:00 A.M.

Pre-School Ends

12:00 P.M.


12:00 P.M.


12:30 P.M.

School Closes

6:00 P.M.

If a person other than the parents/guardian is to pick up your child, please notify your child's teacher in advance. If the staff members at the school do not know the person, we will ask for identification to validate his/her identity with the information you have supplied us. 

Preschool Drop-off -If your child is attending our preschool program, please have him/her at the school at 9:00a.m. Children arriving late often feel they have missed something or are being excluded from something. All teachers will do their best to bring children who arrive late into the happenings of the day as smoothly as they can. 

Preschool Pick-up- If you child is attending preschool only, please pick him/her up between 12:00pm. and 12:05p.m. Class will end promptly at noon. 

Schedule changes - If you are going to bring your child in or pick your child up at a different time, please speak with your child's teacher in advance. This will allow us to plan accordingly.

Absenteeism -If your child is not going to attend school on his/her scheduled day, please let us know before 9:00a.m. on that day. Please inform us the school in advance if you have plans and 

your child will not be attending school. If you child(ren) attend the public schools and will not be returning to Oak Tree on the bus at the end of the day, please make sure that you notify. 

Parking Lot Protocol -Please remember that children may be walking or crossing in the parking lot so always drive slowly when entering and driving through the parking lot. Children are not permitted to go outside the building or playground without a parent or adult. Children must be accompanied by a parent or adult at all times after they are signed out and exiting the building. 

Tuition &Billing 

The tuition rates for the services offered at Oak Tree are as follows

Preschool Rates (West Shore Trail Location)

Preschool Only (9:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.)


Preschool Only (Second Child)


Full Day


Full Day (Second Child)


Before/after school care (minimum charge of $50.00 weekly)


Toddler Rates (Woodport Road Location)

Preschool Only (9:00A.M.-12:00P.M.)


Preschool Only (Second Child)


Full Day


Full Day (Second Child)


Base Rate- Each child is signed up for a certain number of days. This is what you will automatically be charged each billing period. Additional hours or days can be added as needed, provided classroom space allows. 

Statement/Bills- You will receive a statement of charges in your child's cubby or backpack every other week. Payment is due within one week of receipt. Non-payment will result in dismissal of your child from Oak Tree. If payment is not received within 30 days of billing, the customer will be charged interest of 1.5% per month. Collection charges and interest will be added to the bill if necessary and will be your responsibility. 

Holiday Closing -Holidays on which Oak Tree is closed will be charged as a normal day. If your child is scheduled to attend that day, you will be charged for that day, The holidays that Oak Tree is closed are as follows: 

New Year's Day 

Memorial Day 

Independence Day 

Labor Day 

Thanksgiving Day and the Friday after 

Christmas Day 

We offer optional care on the days that the Sparta Schools are scheduled closed. You will have the option of signing up for these days. You will only be charges for the days that your child is signed up for: 

School Closing- Days on which Oak Tree is closed (ex. Snow day) will be charged at the normal rate. Days on which the school opens late or closes early will also be charged at the normal rate. 

Illness Days -Scheduled days missed to illness will be charged at the regular rate. In extreme situations, please see the director so that some type of arrangement may be worked out. 

Withdrawals - Withdrawals from the school must be made in writing to the director at least two months prior to the last day of attendance. Charges will continue to accrue until written notice is received. 

Late or No Show Procedures- If you are going to be late picking up your child, please call and let us know. If you are late picking up your child and it is 6:10pm. or later there is an additional fee of $10.00. If you are picking up your child and it is 6:30pm. or later, there is an additional fee of $20.00. The charge is automatically added to your bill. Please be considerate of staff members who may have plans for the evening. We allow a 10-minute window for traffic delays etc. but please realize that we close at 6:00pm. and those extra minutes are provided as a courtesy. 

Policy on the Release of Children- Each child may be released only to the child’s parents or persons authorized by the parent to take the child from the center and to assume the responsibility for the child in an emergency if the parents cannot be reached.

If a non-custodial parent has been denied access or granted limited assess, to a Child by court order, the center shall secure documentation to effect, maintain a Copy on file, and comply with the terms of the court order. 

Important to note: The State of New Jersey provides the following regulations in regards to any child not picked up at the time of the day care center's daily closing time: 

The child will be supervised at all times by Oak Tree staff members. The staff will make every attempt to contact the parent/guardian and/or authorized persons. An hour or more after closing and providing that other arrangements for releasing the child to his/her parents or persons authorized by the parent, have failed and the staff member cannot continue to supervise the child at the center, the staff shall call the 24-hour State Central Registry Hotline 1-877-NJ-ABUSE (1-877-652-2873) to seek assistance in caring for the child. 

School-Age Children- No school-age child will be released from the program unsupervised except upon written authorization from the child's parent/guardian. 

Parent/Guardian Participation

        1. Back-to-School Night. Every September, Oak Tree hosts an annual Back-to School Night. This is an opportunity to see your child's classroom and meet his/her teacher.

  1. Teacher Conferences-Conferences between parents/guardians and teachers will be held in January for children at our West Shore Trail location. There will also be Progress Reports done by the teacher at this time. Conferences may also be held anytime it is required by the parent/guardian or teacher as the need occurs. 
  2. School Presentations The staff and preschool children of Oak Tree will present something special for parents/guardians and friends in June. This special event will be posted, and you will be notified in advance. 
  3. Field Trips Field trips occur throughout the year. We believe they are a valuable learning experience for your child. These trips cannot succeed without the support and cooperation of the parents/guardians. Information about the field trips will be posted in advance. Your child's teacher will give you the details and let you know how you can help make the trip a success. Unless otherwise noted, transportation for field trips is by bus arranged by Oak Tree. 
  4. Classroom Visits - You are welcome at any time to visit or join a class at Oak Tree. If you have something special you would like to share, we would be very happy to have you bring it in. The more parent/guardian participation we have, the better overall experience for the children. Extended family is welcome as well with your permission. We do ask that you talk with your child's teacher about your visit so we can plan the best way to take advantage of your time with us. 
  5. Special Materials 

During the year. There will be times when you will be asked to. bring in special materials for the school or your child's class, for example magazines, paper towel rolls, baby food jars, etc. These will be used in art projects. 

  1. Volunteers We will be giving you many opportunities to volunteer at Oak Tree throughout the year. These opportunities will include field trips, special school parties, and joining the classes to share special topics of interest. 
  2. Children Safety- The Consumer Product Safety Commission publishes recalls, reports, alerts, etc. Please visit this site often to obtain up to date information on any dangerous 

toys, recalled toys, etc. The website is www.cpsc.gov/. We recommend that you sign up for the email alerts for recall for children's products. 

  1. Social Media and Technology 

During the course of the school year, we have the opportunity to advertise, publish, and submit articles to newspapers, Facebook, twitter, multimedia, etc. elf you would like your child to be excluded from this publicity, please let us know in writing. All children will be included unless a parent or guardian informs us in writing that they would like their child to be excluded. "The use of a television, computers, and other video equipment shall be limited to educational and instructional use, shall be age and developmentally appropriate and shall not be used as a substitute for planned activities or for passive viewing." Oak Tree will also limit screen time to 15- minute increments per child. A maximum of one 15-minute session per day for children in care less than 4 hours per day and a maximum of two 15-minute sessions per day for children in care more than 4 hours per day, "except for school-age children completing schoolwork, homework or supervised enrichment activities' '. 

  1. Home Language Policy - Oak Tree is responsive to serving culturally and linguistically diverse populations to ensure a high-quality program for all children and families. We are supportive of other languages through labeling centers throughout our classrooms and by providing access to classroom materials in the home language. We also provide pictures, when necessary, around the classroom, and our children will benefit from learning basic sign-language. We maintain an open line of communication with parents of bi-lingual children by asking for a list of words used and recognized by the child at home. We incorporate and use these words in the classroom as often as possible, with both the child and classmates. 
  2. Structured Classroom Observation - We complete a structured scoring tool (ECERS Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scale or ITERS Infant toddler Environment Rating Scale) yearly in all our programs. This tool concentrates on all curriculum areas such as Literacy, Math, Science, Diversity, etc. We use the results of this tool to develop an action plan. 

Class Management 

Educational Goals & Curriculum - Oak Tree utilized Creative Curriculum as a curriculum tool. Creative curriculum is an early educational curriculum that is designed by child development theorists and based on current research as to how children learn. The curriculum is a guide for teachers to plan and implement a developmentally appropriate program for your child. The teachers take into consideration a child's uniqueness, gender, temperament, learning style, culture and unique needs and plan for social/emotional, physical, cognitive and language development. 

Clothing - Children should be dressed for the weather and active play at all times. Their clothes should be durable and washable. Children should be equipped with appropriate coats, boots, hats, mittens, etc. All shoes should be active wear in which your child can run, skip, climb etc. (flip-flops, sandals, etc are not conducive to climbing, playing, and running. We ask that you please remember your child's capabilities regarding toileting when dressing your child (sweatpants vs buttons, zippers, belts). Once again labeling makes it easy to determine ownership. 

Toilet Training - Oak Tree will work with each family when their child shows signs of readiness for toilet training. When a child shows signs of readiness, we will contact the child's parents and decide a date for the child to wear underwear. We will suggest that the parent provide many changes of clothes in the beginning. Every hour or two, we will ask the child to use the bathroom. We will praise him/her for both attempting and when they are successful. If the child refuses to try to use the bathroom, we will try again within the hour or sooner if deemed necessary. If the child still refuses, we will continue to encourage. No child will ever be punished or disciplined for failing to use the toilet. If a child has a toilet accident while at Oak Tree, we will change the child and send the soiled clothes home to be washed. Accidents are often a part of toilet training and are handled with encouragement and caring. Our goal is to make toilet training a positive and confidence building experience. 

Screening - Oak Tree does developmental screenings periodically throughout the year. These helps identify strengths as well as weaknesses and help us plan curriculum accordingly. We used the Ages & Stages Questionnaires as our screening tool. If, upon completion of the assessment, there are any behavioral or developmental concerns, we will refer you to your child's pediatrician and your local Child Study Team (CST) for further evaluation. 

Hand Washing Policy - The single most effective way to help keep our children healthy is by washing their hands. We will encourage them to use good hand hygiene throughout the day, Caregivers and children will wash their hands, upon arrival at the school, before and after eating, after using the bathroom or changing a diaper, after using a tissue, before and after playing in the water table, after playing with the sand and after coming in from the playground.

Guidelines for Positive Discipline 

Positive discipline is a process of teaching children how to behave appropriately. Positive discipline respects the rights of the individual child, the group, and the adult. Methods of positive discipline shall be consistent with the age and developmental needs of the children, and lead to the ability to develop and maintain self-control. Positive discipline is different from punishment. Punishment tells children what they should not do; positive discipline tells the children what they should do. Positive discipline takes time, patience, repetition but it educates the child in appropriate behavior. We plan for positive discipline by: 

Anticipating and eliminating potential problems. 

Having a few consistent, clear rules that are explained to the children. 

Having a well-planned daily schedule. 

Planning for ample fun and humor. 

Including some group decision making. 

Providing time for each child to have some alone time. 

Making it possible for each child to feel he/she has had some positive impact on the group. 

Providing structure and support for children needs to resolve their differences. 

Sharing ownership and responsibility with the children, talking about our room, Our toys. 

We use positive discipline by intervening when necessary: 

Re-directing to a new activity to change the focus of a child's behavior. 

Providing individualized attention to help the child deal with a particular situation. Using time-out--removing a child for a few minutes from the area or activity so That he/she may gain self-control. 

Diverting the child and removing from the area of conflict. 

Providing alternate activities and acceptable ways to release feelings. 

Pointing out the natural or logical consequences of children's behavior. Offering a choice only if there are two acceptable options. 

Criticizing/reprimanding the behavior not the child themselves. We use 

positive discipline by showing love and encouragement. 

Catching the child being good and responding a reinforcing positive behavior. Providing positive reinforcement through reward for good behavior. Using encouragement rather than competition, comparison, or criticism. 

Overlooking small annoyances. 

Giving hugs and love to every child every day. Appreciating the child's point of view. 

Positive discipline is NOT. 

Disciplining a child for failing to eat, sleep or soiling themselves. 

Hitting, shaking, or any other form of corporal punishment. 

Using abusive language, ridicule, harsh or humiliating or frightening treatment or any other form of emotional punishment of children. 

Withholding food or emotional responses, stimulation, or opportunities for Rest or sleep. 

Requiring a child to remain inactive for an inappropriately long period of time. 

Food and Nutrition 

Oak Tree is respectful to religious and dietary restrictions. Please let us know if your child has any dietary restrictions or requirements. 

  1. Breakfast - Your child may eat a breakfast at Oak Tree if you provide the breakfast, and it is finished by 8:30 a.m. 
  2. Lunch-If your child will be at school for lunch, please be sure to send a lunch to school with him/her. This lunch should contain everything needed for that child's lunch, including silverware. We prefer a well-balanced, nutritious lunch. Please do not send in glass containers of any kind. We ask that children finish their primary food before they proceed to their snack. We recommend packing all healthy choices when packing your child's lunch. We ask that you do not send in raw nuts with your child. If a child that is enrolled in our center does have a nut allergy, we would then work with that child's parent and eliminate any foods that might pose a threat. 
  3. Snacks 

Morning Snack-We have a morning snack each day. This snack is provided by Oak Tree. We have a variety of foods for this time. 

> Afternoon Snack-We have another snack every afternoon. Parents should provide this snack. Many parents/guardians like to send in something extra in their child's lunch which the child saves for snack time. If a child does not have something for snack, Oak Tree will provide it. 

  1. Birthdays You are welcome to send in a special treat for your child's birthday. We encourage healthy snacks that your child enjoys and that he/she would most like to share with their classmates. Please check with your child's teacher as to how many treats will be needed and which day you would like to bring something in. 
  2. Breastfeeding Policy -At Oak Tree, we support breast feeding families. Support includes a chair in our toddler room for our nursing mothers and an electrical outlet nearby. We also offer the director's office for mothers who would like more privacy. CDC website, http://www.cdc.gov/breastfeeding/pdf/BF-Guide-508.PDF, and the La Lecher League 

website: http://www.llli.org/. 

Health Issues 

Health & Safety Issues 

It is one of Oak Tree's highest priorities to have a happy, safe, and healthy environment for your child. Because of this we must be strict with our rules about health and illness. Please work with us to keep all our children in the best of health. 

A child will not be admitted to school if: 

  1. He/she is under the care of a licensed physician who advises against the child attending school. 
  2. He/she is in pain and/or discomfort. 
  3. He/she has had diarrhea or have vomited in the past 24 hours. 
  4. He/she has had a fever of 100.0 or higher within the past 24 hours. 
  5. He/she has a severe cold with fever, sneezing, coughing, and nose discharge. 6. He/she has red eyes with discharge. 
  6. He/she has a severe cough. 
  7. He/she has skin infections or rashes that may be contagious, 
  8. He/she has any type of contagious disease. 
  9. He/she has difficulty or rapid breathing. 
  10. He/she has skin lesions that are weeping or bleeding. 
  11. He/she has a stiff neck. 
  12. He/she seems ill without obvious symptoms. In this case, a child may look and act different than usual. There may be unusual paleness, irritability, unusual tiredness, lethargy, or. lack of interest. Please be considerate of your child, and if he/she is not feeling well enough to be actively involved in the events of the day, please keep him/her home. 

If your child develops any of these symptoms while in attendance at Oak Tree, he/she will be removed from the group, and you will be notified and asked to pick up your child immediately. For this reason, it is critical that emergency numbers are always up to date. Please help the staff by letting us know if your child was sick since he/she was at school last. It will help us deal with any problems that may arise. 

Medication Administration 

If your child requires medicine during the time while he/she is at Oak Tree, you will need to fill out the Medical Authorization form in the sign in books. All medicine, both prescription 

and over the counter, needs to be in its original container. This will be kept in a secure location at Oak Tree. Please remember to ask for it back at the end of the school day. 

Safety Issues 

Minor accidents which occur at school will be treated by the teacher with soap, water, ice, and bandaging as needed. The incident will be recorded on an Accident Report Form, and the staff will review this information with the parent or authorized person when the child is picked up. The form will need to be signed by the parent/guardian or authorized person after review. 

In the event of a major accident, you will be notified immediately. In case of an emergency the emergency squad will also be called. A staff member will accompany your child to the hospital and will stay with the child until you or an authorized person arrives. 

Excludable Communicable Disease 

A staff member who contracts an excludable communicable disease may not return to the center without a health care provider's note stating that the child presents no risk to himself/herself or others. 

If a child is exposed to any excludable disease at the center, parents will be notified in writing. Communicable Disease Reporting Guidelines 

Some excludable communicable diseases must be reported to the health department by the center. The Department of Health's Reporting Requirements for Communicable Diseases and Work-Related Conditions Quick Reference Guide, a complete list of reportable excludable communicable disease, can be found at: 

http://www.nj.gov/health/cd/documents/reportable disease maqnet.pdf. 

School Closings/Delays 

  1. School Closings We will make every effort to open the school on time. If there is a morning when we cannot, we will attempt to open the school by 8:30 a.m. If we are still unable to open, we will close the school for the day, information will be posted on our website (www.oaktreepreschool.com) and our Facebook page. We will also leave a recording on our voicemail at the schools. 
  2. Early Closings/Emergency Closings 

If we need to close the school early, we will call 

you to pick up your child. If this does occur, it will be for unavoidable reasons. Please react quickly to our request. If we cannot get in touch with you, we will call the emergency numbers on your file. 

Attachment 1 - Office of Licensing Information to Parents 

10:122-3.6 Information to Parents Document 

Must be distributed to parents of every enrolled child and to all staff members 

The center may call the Office of Licensing for a Spanish translation of this document 

Under provisions of the Manual of Requirements for Child Care Centers (N.J.A.C 10:122), every licensed child care center in New Jersey must provide to parents of enrolled children written information on parent visitation rights, State licensing requirements, child abuse/neglect reporting requirements and other child care matters. The center must comply with this requirement by reproducing and distributing to parents this written statement, prepared by the Office of Licensing, Child Care & Youth Residential Licensing in the Department of Human Services (DHS). In keeping with this requirement, the center must secure every parent's signature attesting to his/her receipt of the information. 

Our center is required by the State Child Care Center Licensing law to be licensed by the Office of Licensing, Child Care & Youth Residential Licensing in the Department of Human Services. A copy of our current license must be posted in a prominent location at our center. Look for it when you're in the center. 

To be licensed, our center must comply with the Manual of Requirements for Child Care Centers (the official licensing regulations). The regulations cover such areas as: physical environment/life-safety; staff qualifications, supervision, and staff/child ratios; program activities and equipment; health, food and nutrition; rest and sleep requirements; parent/community participation; administrative and record-keeping requirements; and others. 

Our center must have on the premises a copy of the Manual of Requirements for Child Care Centers and make it available to interested parents for review. If you would like to review our copy, just ask any staff members. Parents may secure a copy of the Manual of Requirements by sending a check or money order for $5 made payable to the "Treasurer, State of New Jersey", and mailing it to: 

State of New Jersey 

Department of Human Services 

Licensing Publication Fees 

PO Box 34399 

Newark, New Jersey 07189-4399 

We encourage parents to discuss with us any questions or concerns about the policies and program of the center or the meaning, application, or alleged violations of the Manual of Requirements for Child Care Centers. We will be happy to arrange a convenient opportunity for you to review and discuss these matters with us. If you suspect our center may be in violation of licensing standards, you are entitled to report them to the Office of Licensing by calling toll-free, 1-877-667-9845. Of course, we would appreciate your bringing these concerns to our attention too. 

Our center must have a policy concerning the release of children to parents or people authorized by parent(s) to be responsible for the child. Please discuss with us your plans for your child's departure from the center. 

Our center must have a policy about administering medicine and healthcare procedures and the management of communicable diseases. Please talk to us about these policies so we can work together to keep our children healthy. 

Our center must have a policy concerning the expulsion of children from enrollment at the center. Please review this policy so we can work together to keep your center in our center. 

Parents are entitled to review the center's copy of the Office of Licensing's Inspection/Violation Reports on the center, which are issued after every State licensing inspection of our center. If there is a licensing 

complaint investigation, you are entitled to review the Office's Complaint Investigation Summary Report, as well as any letters of enforcement or other actions taken against the center during the current licensing period. Let us know if you wish to review them, and we will make them available for your review. 

Our center must cooperate with all DHS inspections/investigations. DHS staff may interview both staff members and children, 

Our center must post its written statement of philosophy on child discipline in a prominent location and make a copy of it available to parents upon request. We encourage you to review it and to discuss with us any questions you may have about it. 

Our center must post a listing or diagram of those rooms and areas approved by the Office for the children's use. Please talk to us if you have questions about the center's space. 

Our center must offer parents of enrolled children ample opportunity to assist the center in complying with licensing requirements; and to participate in and observe the activities of the center. Parents wishing to participate in the activities or operations of the center should discuss their interest with the center director, who can advise them of what opportunities are available. 

Parents of enrolled children may visit our center at any time without having to secure prior approval from the director or any staff member. Please feel free to do so when you can. We welcome visits from the parents. 

Our center must inform parents in advance of every field trip, outing, or special event away from the center, and must obtain prior written consent from parents before taking a child on each such trip. 

Our center is required to comply with the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (LAD), P.L. 1945, c. 169 (N.J.S.A. 10:5-1 et seq.), and the Americans with Disabilities Act, P.L. 101-336 (42 U.S.C. 12101 et seq.). Anyone who believes the center is not in compliance with these laws may contact the Division on Civil Rights in the New Jersey Department of Law and Public safety for information about filing an LAD claim at 609-292-4605 (TTY users may dial 711 to reach the New Jersey Relay Operator and ask for 609-292- 7701), or may contact the United States Department of Justice for information about filing an ADA claim at 800-514-0301 (voice) or 900-514-0383 (TTY). 

Anyone who has reasonable cause to believe that an enrolled child has been or is being subjected to any form of hitting, corporal punishment, abusive language, ridicule, harsh, humiliating or frightening treatment, or any other kind of child abuse, neglect, or exploitation by any adult whether working at the center or not, is required by State law to report the concern immediately to the State Central Registry Hotline toll-free at 8-877-NJABUSE (1-877-652-2873). Such reports may be made anonymously. 

Parents may secure information about child abuse and neglect by contacting: 

Community Education Office 

Division of Youth and Family Service 

PO Box 717 

Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0717 


Attachment 2 - Expulsion Policy 


Required by the State of New Jersey) 

Unfortunately, there are sometimes reasons we have to expel a child from our program either on a short-term or permanent basis. We want you to know we will do everything possible to work with the family of the child(ren) in order to prevent this policy from being enforced. The following are reasons we may have to expel or suspend a child from this center: 

Immediate Causes for Expulsion 

The child is at risk of causing serious injury to other children or him/herself. → The parent threatens physical or intimidating actions toward staff members. The parent exhibits verbal abuse to staff in front of enrolled children. 

Parental Actions for Child's Expulsion 

Failure to pay/habitual lateness in payments

Failure to complete required forms including the child's immunization records. Habitual tardiness when picking up your child. 

Verbal abuse to staff. 

Other (explain). 

Child's Actions for Expulsion 

Failure of child to adjust after a reasonable amount of time. 

Uncontrollable tantrums/angry outbursts. 

Ongoing physical or verbal abuse to staff or other children. 

Excessive biting. 

Other (explain). 

Proactive actions that can be taken in order to prevent expulsion: 

Staff will try to redirect child from negative behavior. 

Staff will reassess classroom environment, appropriate of activities, supervision. 

Staff will always use positive methods and language while disciplining children.

Staff will praise appropriate behaviors. 

Staff will consistently apply consequences for rules. 

Child will be given verbal warnings. 

Child's disruptive behavior will be documented and maintained in confidentiality. 28 

Child will be given time to regain control. 

Parent/guardian will be notified verbally.  

Parent/guardian will be given written copies of the disruptive behaviors that might lead to expulsion. 

་ The director, classroom staff, and parent/guardian will have a conference(s) to discuss how to promote positive behaviors. 

The parent will be given literature or other resources regarding methods of improving behavior.  Recommendation of evaluation by professional consultation on premises. 

Recommendation of evaluation by local school district child study team. 

Schedule of expulsion: 

If after the remedial actions above have not worked, the child's parent/guardian will be advised verbally and in writing about the child's or parent's behavior warranting an expulsion. An expulsion action is meant to be a period of time so that the parent/guardian may work on the child's behavior or to come to an agreement with the center. 

The parent/guardian will be informed regarding the length or the expulsion period. The parent/guardian will be informed about the expected behavioral changes required in order for the child or parent to return to the center. 

The parent/guardian will be given a specific expulsion date that allows the parent sufficient time to seek alternate child care (approximately one to two weeks' notice depending on risk to other children's welfare or safety. Failure of the child/parent to satisfy the terms of the plan may result in permanent expulsion from the center. 

A child will not be expelled if his/her parent(s): 

Made a complaint to the Office of Licensing regarding a center's alleged violations of the licensing requirements. 

Reported abuse or neglect occurring at the center.  Questioned the center regarding policies and procedures. 

Without giving the parent sufficient time to make other child care arrangements.


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